Why Talent Communities?

The concept of talent communities is not new. Organizations have been primarily naming their groups of candidates as 'talent communities' for some time.

However, these groups are seldom built and led as 'communities' but merely pools of virtual resumes instead, often very much underutilized and with little to no value to the vast majority of their members. It was never a necessity to treat these groups as or convert them to real 'communities' - until now...

There are various factors why talent communities - 'real' communities, built for both the sponsoring organizations and members in mind, where said members are tied with a sense of care, belonging (a sense of 'community') and support for each other, creating value for both members and and the organization - are a great way forward.

Traditional recruiting approaches do not work any more

The pandemic resulted in an exponential increase in remote work

The above prompted a new way of thinking on talent management and leadership, which we believe that crosses roads with communities. We give you an updated understanding and approach to 'Talent Community' here 👉🏻