About TalentLed

TalentLed is a joint venture between two industry-leading community consultants, Todd Nilson and Ilker Akansel.

Todd & Ilker are both passionate about community building and innovative, better ways of treating, growing and leading talent across an organization, and have founded TalentLed in 2022 to assist organizations to utilize community building approaches towards a better and contemporary talent leadership.

Todd Nilson - United States & Americas

Based in the United States, Todd is a digital workplace and community strategist with over 15 years of executive recruitment and employer branding experience.

Todd has previously worked with SAP, Humana, Facebook, Activision, Steelcase, SkyTV, Greenpeace and many other organizations, ranging from startups through Fortune 1000s based in many countries across the World, and has directed community strategy for the renowned community consultancy FeverBee.

Please feel free to connect with Todd over LinkedIn or email at todd [at] talentled [dot] co

Ilker Akansel - EMEA & Rest of World

Based in the EMEA region, Ilker is a community strategist specializing in developers, startups, innovation, future of work, digital nomadism and remote work.

Ilker has previously led developer communities for Google, innovation projects for Cisco and volunteers for the 2012 London Olympic Games, and with over 13 years of experience in Europe he is very well versed with the cultural, professional and community related challenges and opportunities across EMEA.

Please feel free to connect with Ilker over LinkedIn or email at ilker [at] talentled [dot] co