Our Methodology

Our methodology in dissecting and organizing the journey of talent through an organization begins with our definition of a Talent-Led community. 

Talent-Led community is our approach to treat talent as community members towards cultivating their contribution and practicing hiring processes through online community platforms, resulting in:

We explain this approach and deliver its installation into an organization through a Talent-Led Community Cycle as below 👇🏻

The Talent-Led Community Cycle

The Talent-Led community cycle divides the stages of the journey that talent is taking inside an organization into three to be treated as a separate community each, however interlinked with each other as below:

One: A Talent-Led Candidate Community

A Talent-Led candidate community involves converting a group of candidates into a proper and functioning 'candidate community'. As TalentLed, we provide all the strategic components required for you to be able to organize a community ecosystem for your candidates, where they can join, connect with your talent management teams and 'get prepared' towards future employment with you through programs that we can design together.

A Talent-Led candidate community, amongst many others, may bring the following advantages for the organization:

Two: A Talent-Led Employee Community

While there is an increased awareness of and focus on 'employee experience' and employer branding in recent times, there are very few examples of employees of organizations being treated as, or converted to, successful 'communities'.

Employees of an organizations form impromptu and informal 'communities' inside and outside the workplace anyway, and organizing this tendency to form a comprehensive and official 'employee community' could bring considerable dividends for the organization, both in short and long term. As TalentLed, we bring the tried-and-tested strategic components and engagement tactics to make your employees feel that they are part of a thriving, supporting community at work.

A Talent-Led employee community may bring the following advantages for the organization:

Three: A Talent-Led Alumni Community

It is frustrating to see that the 'alumni' of organizations get the least attention and limelight in talent management - we feel that this is a hugely missed opportunity, as alumni may be able to bring many benefit to an organization, particularly when they are organized in effective communities. Alumni organizations have existed in academia and also in various industries for a long time, but it has only been recently possible to keep them engaged and thriving continuously thanks to the advent of digital communication and community platforms and technologies, and proliferation of digital content.

At TalentLed we take great pride in our focus on alumni of an organization, where we do not only consider the talent who has left an organization as alumni but those who have started their departure journey as well! Our Talent-Led alumni community is much more than just keeping the ex-employees in contact; it is also supporting the talent in transition by offering them opportunities to 'outskill' to help them hit the ground running at the next stage of their organization, therefore elevating the employee branding hugely.

A TalentLed alumni community may bring the following advantages for the organization:

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