Our Solutions

Talent Community Consultation

Interested in knowing more about talent communities? We would be very happy to prepare virtual awareness and consultation sessions with you to explore how talent communities can provide business value and advantages.

Talent Community Workshop

Our workshops are designed for both organizations with live talent communities and entities that are looking to start one or more. We deliver these workshops virtually, therefore the only investment required from your organization is your members' time, which is a very sound investment considering the potential value that talent communities can bring.

Talent-Led Community Strategy

This is one of our strongest service offerings - A well founded talent-led community strategy has the potential to bring a considerable amount of business value and advantages. We take pride in our comprehensive talent-led community strategy framework involving candidates, employees and alumni of an organization.

Talent-Led Community Launch Program

Another great service that we offer is support and guidance for your Talent-Led community program. When placed atop the strategy that we can also provide, this executive program is one more step in ensuring that you get the value that you are looking for from your talent communities.

Talent-Led Community Coaching

Just like any community out there, Talent-Led communities are also living organizations with their own life cycle. We provide comprehensive guidance and coaching throughout the life cycle of your community including upskilling and reskilling your community team to make sure that they continue supporting your community towards providing the value you are seeking sustainably.

Talent Community Keynotes

As TalentLed we are very passionate about talent communities and confident about our approach, so we would be delighted about the opportunity to discuss talent communities and our approach with internal or external stakeholders of your organization, or a talent focused audience who could benefit from such a discussion.

Please note that it is not an exhaustive list and we are happy to discuss custom services involving talent communities that would fit your needs. Please do not hesitate to book an exploratory session through the details you can find on 'Contact Us' page 👉🏻